Sociology of Youth in North America

Monday, 16 July 2018: 15:30-17:20
RC34 Sociology of Youth (host committee)

Language: English

As is customary at the World Congress, a session showcasing work in the host country (or region) launches the RC34 conference program.  This invited session will include six presenters, three from Canada and three from the United States, who will showcase prominent programs of research on youth in their countries, including major areas of research interest, recent illustrative findings, as well as opportunities for scholars throughout the world to utilize their data archives in comparative studies.
Session Organizers:
James COTE, University of Western Ontario, Canada and Jeylan MORTIMER, University of Minnesota, Department of Sociology, USA
Oral Presentations
Knowing Young Lives in Canada and Beyond
Kate TILLECZEK, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada
Sociology of Youth in French Canada: Nourished and Deepened By Multiple Academic Traditions
Nicole GALLANT, INRS Urbanisation Culture Société, Canada; Maria Eugenia LONGO, INRS, Canada
Research from the Child and Young Adult Studies of the NLSY79
Elizabeth COOKSEY, Center for Human Resource Research, The Ohio State University, USA
Current Research on ‘Youth’ in the Sociology of Sports in Canada
Christine DALLAIRE, University of Ottawa, Canada
Youth’s Expectations for the Future: The Power of Looking Ahead
Monica Kirkpatrick JOHNSON, Washington State University, USA
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