Complexity, Contradiction and Conflict: Inherent Parties of Mexican Political Behavior in Decision-Making Process

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 15:30
Oral Presentation
Jorge GARCÍA CASTRO, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico
The socio-political conditions of today's Mexico reflect an environment in conflict that has completely permeated the relationship between the State and citizens. Through at least three generations of structural reforms over the last twenty years, political operability has been characterized by imbalance of decision-making processes and significant changes in the links between political actors - syndicates, parties, entrepreneurs and a few groups of civil society-, detonating with it scenarios of conflict, complexity and possible contradiction in political operations.

The core interest of this work lies in the political behavior within the framework of decision processes with legislative implications, shown an effort to understand a kind of inner rules that establish a set of actions in all political actors, and that formulates an operative procedure that reproduces tension and conflict in their interactions and in the rest of the society. This way, the emphasis is not on isolated practices, but on patterns of behavior in political operations that express a recurring phenomenon of power, injustice and violence in Mexico.

So on, in order to understand the operations of the political system in certain frameworks, it is imperative to focus on the reproduction and construction of the guidelines that moves the political exercise, that according to the systemic contributions of Niklas Luhmann, it's about to the study of the structures of the political system and the important role of its self-reference.