Trends and Patterns of Deaths Arising from Ethnic Conflicts in Nigeria, 2006-2016

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 13:10
Oral Presentation
Adeyinka ADERINTO, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Usman OJEDOKUN, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Ethnic conflict remains an intractable problem that has been confronting Nigeria since it gained independence in 1960. Despite successive governments’ drives towards peace-building and the attainment of a united Nigeria, ethnic conflict remains a recurring problem frequently resulting in loss of lives and properties. Although many studies have been conducted on ethnic conflict, however, little scholarly attention has been directed at deaths arising from such conflicts. The major concern of this ongoing study is to fill this gap by providing information on trends and patterns of deaths arising from ethnic conflicts in Nigeria between 2006 and 2016. Data collection is currently being undertaken through a content review of some Nigerian newspapers on cases of ethnic conflicts. The study is expected to provide detailed data on the number of deaths arising from ethnic conflicts across Nigeria within the specified timeline, the socio-demographic profile of victims, the socio-economic and environmental factors sustaining ethnic conflict, the patterns of its occurrence across the six geo-political zones, as well as the actors perpetrating it.