Phronesis and Kybernetes: International Civil Society Using Social Media after the Earthquake in Mexico

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 11:15
Oral Presentation
Juan Carlos BARRON-PASTOR, UNAM, Mexico
How society is organized through social media in the event of an earthquake, such as the one occurred in Mexico on September 19, 2017? How does the concepts of phronesis and kybernetes can work together to explain how this event is been constructed through non-present means of communication? What are some of the implications for geopolitics, mass media and social movements’ studies? In this presentation it will be shown how critical sociocybernetics can explore new forms to understand power reproduction by exploring situations of exception. To illustrate the argument, it will be some intersections among international civil society related to the related event. Particularly, the study will display some intersections between building international cooperation among North American civil society; which means the links of solidarity between the organized society of Mexico, United States and Canada, beyond the governments.