A Global-Local Approach in Researches of Future Society Based on Modern Information Technology

Monday, 16 July 2018: 18:06
Oral Presentation
Olesia KYRYLENKO, 2010, Ukraine
Oleksandr CHUBATENKO, 2018, Ukraine
Modern experience of international social researches based on Information Technology (IT) opens the opportunities for the development of global-local methodology for conducting of such researches in the field of studying of future society.

The global-local approach in social researches involves the use of common methodology that includes a unified system of social indicators, as well as a unified system of technologies for collecting, processing and analyzing information. Examples of such researches are the United Nations Global Internet Survey “My World” (on-line) and the UN Happiness Report, which ranks countries by their happiness levels since 2012 and in which statistical and sociological indicators are integrated.

The development and implementation of global-local sociological research programs is possible on the basis of modern IT, such as LimeSurvey application and SPSS Statistics program, which allow sociologists to conduct surveys anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet, and process any data sets.

Global-local studies of future society based on the modern IT will significantly expand and qualitatively improve the empirical basis of futurology. They will create new analytical opportunities for forecasting, modelling and designing the future global society based on: method of extrapolation of statistically and sociologically grounded tendencies of its development; expert evaluation method; information and knowledge about the dominant values and ideal aspirations of the majority of people on the planet.

Realization of scientific projects of global-local studies of the future society presupposes a global level of integration of scientists from all over the world and from international organizations, such as the International Sociological Association, the World Futures Studies Federation, the World Values Survey Association, the International Social Survey Program, UN, UNESCO, the Club of Rome and other.