Digital Sociology: Perspectives on Research, Methods and Concepts

Monday, 16 July 2018: 17:30-19:20
RC07 Futures Research (host committee)

Language: English

Studies on the uses of the digital media have been developed during more than two decades, but just recently have been recognized as a specific area inside our discipline. This session intends to provide a space for discussion about the research specificities of Digital Sociology understood not just as a methodological segment about new tools and possibilities for sociological research in the future, but as well as an already existent open field on the investigation of the uses of Information Technologies in everyday life, political organization, new forms of conflict that start online, but impact offline practices, collective identity building as well on these technologies's impact on economic and urban changes and new forms of inequalities.

The session "Digital Sociology: perspectives on research, methods and concepts" will also welcome researches on the potentialities of ITs for political participation, transparency in the management of public policies, uses on health and education practices. The ongoing consolidation and dissemination of digital media in different societies can also constitute an important research subject dealing with local realities, cultural reapropriations of communication technologies and the subject's expansion of aspirational horizons.

This new reality has proved to be one of main forces shapping our future presenting sociology new methodological and theoretical challenges, therefore empirical research on any of the themes above can also support the development of new concepts and theories about the social in the era of connectivity.

Session Organizer:
Richard MISKOLCI, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil
Oral Presentations
Cyberspace, Subjectivity and Decentering: The Political Emancipation As Problem of Time and Space
Samira MARZOCHI, Federal University of São Carlos - UFSCar - SP, Brazil
A Global-Local Approach in Researches of Future Society Based on Modern Information Technology
Olesia KYRYLENKO, 2010, Ukraine; Oleksandr CHUBATENKO, 2018, Ukraine
Distributed Papers
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