Abstract on “a Study of the Economic Activities of Banjaras in Gurugram Town Involved in Vending & Blacksmithy Trade in the Context of Their Socio-Economic Status and Political Voice.”

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 10:50
Oral Presentation
Rachna GUPTA, HIPA Gurgaon, India
Manveen KAUR, Haryana Institute of Public Administration, India
“A study of the Economic Activities of Banjaras in Gurugram Town involved in Vending & Blacksmithy trade in the context of their socio-economic status and political voice.”
Dr. Rachna Gupta, Dr. Manveen Kaur ,Mr. R. K. Gulati
Faculty Members, Haryana Institute of Public Administration,
Gurugram, India

The Paper focuses its attention on Banjara-vendors (gypsy-vendors) squatting on illegal land for purposes of vending Earthenware, Ceramics and Wooden Items and practising blacksmithy. They are uprooted by the Municipal Committee from time-to-time. The Paper examines the socio-economic characteristics of these Banjaras in terms of health status, educational level, livelihoods and political voice. Further, the Paper dwells on the problems which the Banjaras face with reference to improving their social, political and economic status and how they can be made to join the mainstream of society. The spotlight is focused on the role that the Municipality can play, given the availability of political will, in legitimising the livelihoods of Banjaras. Legitimisation of vending can prevent Banjaras from being regularly uprooted thereby providing their children with continuity of school education and consequently, an opportunity to improve their educational status. The Paper examines the perceptions of persons in authority: in the Municipal Corporation, Housing & Urban Development Authority and District Administration with reference to opportunities for Banjara Vendors to improve their socio – economic status.

Keywords- Banjara-Vendors, BlackSmithy, Earthenware, Socio-Economic, Vending ,