‘Road to Nowhere’ and Complex Transitions: Why We Are Not Living in a Post-Neoliberal Age

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 18:15
Oral Presentation
Cory BLAD, Manhattan College, USA
Emanuele FERRAGINA, Sciences Po Paris, France
The most recent global recession exposed significant cracks in the façade of neoliberalism, so much so that many viewed the post-recession era as one of renewed Keynesianism or perhaps a more amorphous ‘post-neoliberal era’. This article seeks to conceptualize the contemporary political climate by critiquing the concept of post-neoliberalism and arguing for a different understanding of the ‘strange non-death’ of neoliberalism. By analysing the protracted period of what has been called permanent austerity, we interpret the present period as a long transitory phase within which the crumbling of neoliberalism reduces political legitimacy of mainstream parties in the West, but does not seem to produce the passage to a new era. This protracted instability reflects the absence of viable political alternatives and seems to analytically assume the form of a ‘road to nowhere’ in which neoliberalization continues in a climate of exacerbated material hardships and weakening legitimation.