Transforming Capitalism: Between Market Fundamentalism and Alternative Visions, the Authoritarian Shift and the Defense of Democracy

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 17:30-19:20
RC02 Economy and Society (host committee)

Language: English

For some decades we have witnessed far-reaching transformations of capitalisms in both the Global North and South. Market fundamentalism and neo-liberalism are putting democracy at risk. On the one hand, stalling “recoveries” and extended recessions amidst a deepening global crisis and continuous military interventions in challenged regimes further spiked increasing inequalities, precarity, migratory displacement and desperation. These processes accompany the resurgence of right wing political forces in and outside of the electoral realm and “populist“ political movements advocating new forms of nationalism, exclusion and violence that pose important social implications for progressive alternatives. On the other hand, besides right wing movements, social protest and initiatives are pushing alternative visions of a just, solidary, democratic, neo-socialist society. Following the theme “transforming capitalism,“ the session invites papers to discuss research about this worldwide “double movement,“ the “movement“ in the capitalist relations of economy/market and politics/state and the “counter-movement“ of civil society (Polanyi), the shift to an authoritarian capitalism and the defense of democracy, the shift to “free trade“ and the defense of human and social rights.  Welcome are theoretical and empirical contributions dealing with the question whether we are witnessing a fundamental transformation of capitalism, and analyzing the uneven development and the pathways between market fundamentalism and alternative visions, the authoritarian shift and democratic ideas around the world. 
Session Organizers:
Brigitte AULENBACHER, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria and Ricardo DELLO BUONO, Manhattan College, USA
Brigitte AULENBACHER, Johannes Kepler University, Austria
Ricardo DELLO BUONO, Manhattan College, USA
Oral Presentations
Sustaining the Socialist Alternative in Cuba: Achievements and Challenges
Elena DÍAZ GONZÁLEZ, FLACSO-Cuba, Universidad de la Habana, Cuba
The Double Movement’s Continuum
Tijo SALVERDA, University of Cologne, Germany
‘Road to Nowhere’ and Complex Transitions: Why We Are Not Living in a Post-Neoliberal Age
Cory BLAD, Manhattan College, USA; Emanuele FERRAGINA, Sciences Po Paris, France
Authoritarian Neoliberalism, Civil Society and the Future of Democracy
Mathias JESSEN, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Class Politics By Any Other Name: The Drift of the Center-Left in the Advanced Capitalist Economies
Jeremy COHAN, New York University, USA; Mark COHEN, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; Suzy LEE, Binghamton University, USA
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