Kibbutz Industry Experience and Organizational Democracy

Friday, 20 July 2018: 10:30
Oral Presentation
Yuval ACHOUCH, Western Galilee College, Israel

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Despite this incentive to sell, Naaleh industry and its owner, kibbutz Nadiv, provide a counter-example to the normative behavior in the kibbutz sector. Kibbuz Nadiv refuses to sell and conform to the M&A's wave in the kibbutz industry, in spite of its privatized structure adopted in 2007 and its economic success. Instead, Nadiv chooses to strongly invest, develop, and extend its factory into the kibbutz yard. What can explain this paradoxical behavior and Nadiv opposition to a neo-liberal trend? What are the conditions in Naaleh which allow keeping at least a much more humanist and democratic work organization-if not an organizational democracy- than that in numerous other kibbutz plants? Focusing on a comparison between Naaleh and other kibbutz plants, the purpose of this paper is to sketch a theory on kibbutz industry today in terms of ownership, governance, management and succession. Such theory could contribute to a better understanding of the necessary resources for organizational democracy.