Development of Information Technology and Sexual Depression of the Youth in Japan Since 2000

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 15:50
Oral Presentation
Maki HIRAYAMA, Meiji University, Japan
Among young people in Japan, since the early 2000s, the age of first sex has become older, less people have made couples,and more people have become indifferent to sex or had bad impression on sex,--thus sexual consciousness and behavior as a whole have been depressing.At the same time the information technology has developed and spread widely in various forms in Japan. It seems that some forms of the technology are deeply related to sexual depression. In this paper, we’ll analyse the relation of two major forms of information technology and sexuality of the youth. (1) The development of electronic games and animation,and some young people have come to experience love and sex in the fictional world (2) The development of dating sites/applications and pornographic sites,and the information of commercial erotic service being flooded and young people have come to have bad impression on sex.
In Japan, unlike many Western societies, people don’t consider forming and maintaining a couple to be an important value,moreover commercial erotic services have been socially accepted.With these backgrounds,the development of information technology has bloated commercial sex service,and on the other hand the couples’ sex have been about to be destroyed.