Do Individuals Prepare for Major Disasters in Rio Grande Valley, Texas?

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 09:00
Oral Presentation
Dean KYNE, The Unviersity of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA
The Rio Grand Valley (RGV) is located at the southern tip of Texas, along the Rio Grande River. The valley which hosts more than 1 million population is in fact prone to major disasters such as hurricanes and flooding. Throughout history, it was badly impacted by various hurricanes. To mitigate the threat of such disasters, one of the best practices is personal disaster preparedness. This study collects data utilizing a survey questionnaire from individuals living in the valley on their preparedness for disasters. First, the study measures perceived and objective disaster preparedness, and investigates any difference between the two kinds of preparedness. Second, the study also identifies factors that influence individual disaster preparedness. Third, in an attempt to predict the likelihood of individual disaster preparedness, the study constructs and validates a predictive model with the collected data. Finally, the study's findings reveal that there is a need to increase efforts in educating disaster preparedness and disaster planning .