Future of Accessible Hospitality in Finland

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 11:04
Oral Presentation
Anu HARJU-MYLLYAHO, Lapland University of Applied Sciences / Multidimensional Tourism Institute, Finland
Salla JUTILA, University of Lapland / Multidimensional Tourism Institute, Finland
The aim of this study is to utilize accessibility and tourism expert informants from public, private and third sectors to gain insights to the future of accessible hospitality in Finland. More specifically, the aim is to discover what are the possibilities, challenges and critical actors needed in developing accessible hospitality. Accessible hospitality refers to a holistic approach, a broader understanding of accessibility; travelers’ needs and wishes are taken into account regardless of travelers’ background or personal characteristics, such as culture or subculture, social minority, sexual orientation, age or a special mental or physical need.

To gain expert information in order to provide future insights about accessible hospitality in Finland, we organize and conduct a Delphi study. The Delphi method is well used among future researchers. It has a few special characteristics: 1) it is based on anonymity, and thus the opinions of other members of the expert panel do not influence the opinions of a single member and 2) the method includes iterative rounds, which enable the members of the panel to reframe their opinion. The data for the research is gathered during autumn 2017 with two rounds of virtual expert panel. Data will be analyzed and results compiled during spring 2018. The paper will contribute to the discussions of inclusion in tourism by providing a viewpoint of futures studies.