Impacts of the Sichuan Earthquake in China on Generations and Gender across

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 15:30
Oral Presentation
Jing LI, Osaka University, Japan
Yixuan CHEN, Osaka University, Japan
Xin GAO, Osaka University, Japan
Jianxin ZHANG, Sichuan University, China
Junko OTANI, Osaka University, Japan
This paper looks at various impacts on across generations and gender in the longer-term, taking the case of Sichuan Earthquake in China at the occasion of 10 years anniversary. It looks at three generations, from children, parenting age, and older people. For children, we looked at how school education has changed, especially disaster preparedness education, after experiencing the 2008 5.12 Sichuan Earthquake. This paper addresses the influence of the collaboration of agencies, such as academic institutions, NGOs and international organizations engaged in disaster risk reduction education. For parenting age, we looked at how job and living arrangement have changed in general. We also look into a particular NGO, the house of mother. The organization was set up on May 19, 2008. The scope of its work is in the area of "mental health and life safety". Public welfare mission is to provide help for poor, childless, unmarried, and disabled mothers, and to provide a training to raise literacy of rural mothers. To urban mothers, more communication opportunity was provide in order to nurture love, happiness and dignity for mothers. It especially worked for those mothers who lost their only child by the school building collapse when the state had, what is so-called, ”one-child policy”. For older people, we looked at the older people who live in the aged-care home built in Dujiangyan Sichuan as a post-earthquake support through pairing support system of China by Shanghai city. In conclusion, looking at various activities targeting various generations and gender, issues in the society can be highlighted. It is also where a new NGO rises. The year of 2008 has been said the first year of volunteerism and of NGO because of the rise of NGOs following the 2008. 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan, P.R. China.