Rethinking of Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project: An Social and Ethical Issues

Monday, 16 July 2018: 18:15
Oral Presentation
Neeta SANE, University of Mumbai, India
Prashant NARGUDE, Department of Sociology, University of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, India

India is constantly facing the problem of electricity storage. In fact there is great necessity of energy production as the demand for energy is increasing day by day in the state of Maharashtra along with other states in India. At present there are some proposed nuclear power plants, which the Indian government is thinking about. Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project is one of them, which is proposed at Jaitapur village of Rajapur, taluka in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra state. As a contribution to the growing public debate about nuclear power development, this paper offers a set of insights into the social, environmental and ethical aspects of nuclear power development. The Paper also provides the basic idea about the nature of nuclear power. Finally, the criterion for evaluating sustainability is suggested by the authors who will help in rational decision-making and to ensure better good of all.