Algorithm and Language

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 10:30-12:20
RC25 Language and Society (host committee)

Language: English

The use of algorithms for the analysis of large amounts of data to achieve outcomes in research has grown tremendously in the last decade. This use of algorithms yields research outcomes that reflect the algorithm’s logic or the logic of the people who produced the algorithms. Those outcomes generate knowledge and build reality. Thus algorithms are becoming a more inherent component of the society in which we live. These algorithms themselves should and have become objects of inquiry in social science research. The patterns generated by algorithms may likely tell us more about the algorithms, the people who produced the algorithms and the power disparities that represents, than what they tell us about the social world. How has the use of algorithms in research affected the narratives of quantitative research about the social world? How has the use of algorithms in society, in general, transformed socio-linguistic research, especially in relationship “to the context in which the language data was produced” (van Hout 2005)? What is the role of socio-linguistics in the analysis of algorithms, if any?
Session Organizer:
Natalie BYFIELD, St. John's University, USA
Oral Presentations
Aculturación Lingüística e Integración Lingüística. El Caso De Los Descendientes De Migrantes En Cataluña (España)
Cecilio LAPRESTA-REY, Universidad de Lleida, Spain; Ángel HUGUET, University of Lleida, Spain; Adelina IANOS, University of Lleida, Spain; Cristina PETRENAS, University of Lleida, Spain; Ester CABALLÉ, University of Lleida, Spain; Maria TORRES, University of Lleida, Spain; Francis OLOUME, University of Lleida, Spain
Confidentiality and Persuasive Messaging in Surveys of Businesses, Organizations, and Institutes
Aryn HERNANDEZ, U.S. Census Bureau, USA; Krysten MESNER, U.S. Census Bureau, USA; Diane WILLIMACK, U.S. Census Bureau, USA
Quantitative Characteristics of Quality Social Texts
Alexandre IVANEC, St.-Petersburg State University, Russia; Elena YAGUNOVA, St.-Petersburg State University, Russian Federation; Danil BLIZNUK, St.-Petersburg State University, Russian Federation