Agriculture Justice: A New Frontier of Collective and Intersectional Battle

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 08:30-10:20
RC40 Sociology of Agriculture and Food (host committee)
TG03 Human Rights and Global Justice

Language: English

Agriculture justice links mainly to equitable access to agricultural resources, which includes the point of views of marginalized people. Nevertheless, agriculture injustice is not only the symptom of inequalities, but consists of many historical and social processes, which go beyond agriculture issues. With its close relationship to food justice, distributive equity and fairness among related actors such as producer, distributers and consumers are emphasized.

In the context of a free market economy, increasing of imbalance power has caused more violence against minorities in rural area as well as informal workers both in agricultural sector and service sector. While agribusiness corporations have more significant roles as the main driver of economic growth, the matters of workers exploitation, less choices by consumers and further environment deterioration are ignored.

Various concepts and movements: right to food, food sovereignty and sustainable development goals, are emerged among those agriculture and food crisis as power-with collective responses against the power-over actors. However, implementation of these concepts in the form of organic farming, biological farming, urban agriculture, farmer markets, slow food are criticized for their inability to decrease the expansion of corporations, participation limitation of marginalized groups and lack of addressing worker exploitations in agribusiness.

To promote agriculture justice and explore constructive resolutions, we would like to deliberate this concept through discussions focusing on various resistances based on innovative social movements, comparative empowerment research study, programs run by NGOs and/or government policies to tackle the injustice for sustainable society.

Session Organizer:
Sayamol CHAROENRATANA, CUSRI, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Sayamol CHAROENRATANA, CUSRI, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Surichai WUN'GAEO, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Oral Presentations
Taking the Pulse of Canada’s Industrial Food System
Jodi KOBERINSKI, University of Waterloo, Canada
We Are Fed up: Politico-Ecological Coalitions for Food
Renata MOTTA, Lateinamerika-Institut FU Berlin, Germany
Distributed Papers
Looking Beyond Neoliberalism: Tragedy of Turkish Peasantry and the New Populism
Mustafa KOC, Department of Sociology, Ryerson University, Canada; Metin OZUGURLU, Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Turkey