Prejudice, Exclusion and Violence in a Transnational World

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 10:30-12:20
RC22 Sociology of Religion (host committee)

Language: English

In recent decades, complex relationships have developed on different scales: global, regional, national and local, enhancing the expansion and intensification of interactions in an increasingly mobile and transnational world. Globalization processes have led to economic, social, political, religious and cultural changes that upset geographical and temporal referents. This has created new tensions, both with and between national and transnational actors.  These tensions often challenge the regulatory capacities of established governmental and social institutions.  The result is the creation of new channels of power and violence, along with the reopening of old ones.

This session intends to analyze different constellations of prejudice, exclusion and violence in various contexts, and particularly wishes to encourage papers that focus on anti-Semitism.

Session Organizer:
Judit BOKSER-LIWERANT, Universidad nacional Autonoma de Mexcio, Mexico
Roberto BLANCARTE, EL Colegio de Mexico, Mexico
Oral Presentations
Exiting Violence : Levels and Temporalities
Michel WIEVIORKA, Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, France
Jewishness and Antisemitism: Transnationalisms Confronted
Eliezer BEN-RAFAEL, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Anti-Semitism in a Transnational World: Recurrences and Changes
Judit BOKSER-LIWERANT, Universidad nacional Autonoma de Mexcio, Mexico
Antisemitism: National or European Constellation?
Sergio DELLAPERGOLA, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Burying the Evil of Genocide
Edward A. TIRYAKIAN, Duke University, USA
Distributed Papers
The City of Haifa As Religious Kaleidoscope
Roberto CIPRIANI, Università Roma Tre, Italy
Religiosity, Values and Violence
Hakan GULERCE, Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture, Turkey; Veysel BOZKURT, Istanbul University, Turkey