Global Issues in the Sociology of Education I

Monday, 16 July 2018: 10:30-12:20
RC04 Sociology of Education (host committee)

Language: English and Spanish

Unfolding organizational hybridity in tertiary schooling: testing boundaries of knowledge forms in higher education

Expansion of higher education has been a global trend after the Second World War. Notions such as, mass higher education, multiversity, and entrepreneurial university, point to such inclusive developments, but also to some sort of hybridity in forms of organizing the knowledge/knowing mediated pedagogical purposiveness of the system of higher education. Thus, also new ways for exclusion and inclusion might occur.

The disciplinary structure of scientific knowledge has traditionally structured higher education and preceding stages of schooling. Currently, however, new forms of knowledge and knowing are claiming recognition in higher education. The awareness of problems that require crossing of disciplines suggest us to take a closer look at the developments in higher education with specific focus on the hybridity in organizing pedagogical intentions. Are these emergent ways of reassembling the higher education into a form of network? What do the mixed arrangements tell us about the ongoing changes in higher education and the structural expectations regarding the role of knowledge in society?

This session invites contributions that share the interest in understanding the new knowledge-mediated social orders and their societal regulation through higher education. The possible empirical instances include, for example:

-          new forms of doctoral education (industrial doctorates etc.)

-          forms that integrate indigenous, traditional or local knowledges into higher education; and

-          the ways in which students are being engaged into problem-driven programs or entrepreneurial   initiatives.

Session Organizer:
Kari KANTASALMI, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Educational Science, Finland


    "Higher Education"
    Chair:  Anita Cecilia HIRSCH ADLER
    Issues of higher education accross the globe
    Chair:  Tobias MAIER
    "Secondary Education"
    Chair:  Cathlene HILLIER
    "Latin America"
    "Gender issues"
    Chair:  Roslyn MICKELSON