"Gender issues"

Roslyn MICKELSON, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA
Oral Presentations:
Sexual Harassment and Violence in UK Higher Education
Carolyn JACKSON, Lancaster University; Vanita SUNDARAM, University of York
Ideological Constructions of Disability in Higher Education Health Related Programmes: Human Rights or What?
Anastasia LIASIDOU, St. Mary's University; Katerina MAVROU, European University Cyprus
Exploring Trends in Gender Parity in Higher Education Enrolments 1970-2015
Sara O'SULLIVAN, University College Dublin; Patrick CLANCY, School of Sociology University College Dublin
Students on (why) Family Matters: Family Involvement in Higher Education through the Case of Cyprus
Eleni THEODOROU, European University Cyprus; Iasonas LAMPRIANOU, University of Cyprus; Loizos SYMEOU, European University Cyprus