Inequality Across Borders: From Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Perspective

Friday, 20 July 2018: 15:30-17:20
TG03 Human Rights and Global Justice (host committee)

Language: English

Economic inequality is taking place simultaneously in local, regional and global contexts. Primarily, human right approaches have focused on poverty alleviation and the guarantees of basic rights. Either the wealth distribution or the matter of extreme wealth are rarely attended by those approaches. As well as social and cultural rights are seldom deliberated around inequality issues.

Confrontation with marketization based global economy challenge us all about the change of social value, which excludes marginalized people as well as reproduces inequity inclusion. Although, the sustainable development goals, in which economic, social and cultural rights are incorporated, envisions the solidarity of world community, the inability and ineffectiveness to halt the inequality across borders divides the world apart.

To treat global inequality and human right approach from an interdisciplinary perspective: we would like to explore following questions: How do local, regional and global inequalities intertwine? How does global inequality manifest itself culturally and/or politically? What is the relationship between global inequality and violence? How does various forms of social movements against inequality looks like? Are human right approach being used and in which context?

This regular session call for contributions from all researches to debate the concepts of inequality and economic, social and cultural rights, as the human right second-generation perspective, and other issues related to or resulted from these.

Session Organizer:
Cholnapa ANUKUL, Center of Just Society Network, Thailand
Cholnapa ANUKUL, Chulalongkorn University Social Research Institute, Thailand
Surichai WUN'GAEO, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand