Structures of Power, Violence and Justice

Monday, 16 July 2018: 08:30-10:20
Location: Constitution Hall (MTCC NORTH BUILDING)

Language: English

Since the inception of the discipline, sociologists have been concerned with power, violence and justice. The opening presidential panel takes a macro-sociological perspective: what are the structural dimensions of power and violence? Which are the major socio-historical institutions through which they operate? How does power flow through institutions, and what is the importance of structure for understanding the broad context of violence? What are their contradictions and fault lines? Where and how can we expect human agency and emerging struggles for justice to be potentially successful?
Session Organizer:
Margaret ABRAHAM, Hofstra University, USA
Margaret ABRAHAM, Hofstra University, USA
Oral Presentations
Theorizing Violence: Neoliberalism, Gender, and the Increase in Violence
Sylvia WALBY, Lancaster University, United Kingdom
Universities as Sites of Power, Violence (and Justice?)
Nandini SUNDAR, Delhi School of Economics, India
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