Feminist Movements: New Challenges in the 2010s

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 17:30-19:20
RC47 Social Classes and Social Movements (host committee)

Language: Spanish, French and English

A new wave of feminist mobilization is taking place all over the world. The call for a women’s global strike on the 8th of March resonated in hundreds of collectives who joined this global action in more than 30 cities. This action took inspiration from the 1975 women’s free day in Iceland protested against the invisibilized domestic work. More than 40 years later, the struggle for women’s rights continues.

Under the slogan “If our work is worthless, produce without us”, women joined the global call on the streets and on the net, echoing the hashtags #NosotrasParamos (We stop) and in Latin America #NiUnaMenos to denounce feminicides and violence against women. At the same time, we witness the rise of conservative forces that challenge women’s rights, warning about the “dangers” of what they call “gender ideology”.  

Women play a major role in indigenous movements in Latin America, in ecological struggles and in Black Live Matter mobilization in the USA. How are they taking into account intersectional struggles (class, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity)?  

 This panel aims to reflect on the recent evolutions and challenge of the feminist movements at the local, national, regional and global scale. What are the connections between these mobilizations and the long standing feminist movement? How are they organizing transnationally? How do they organize on the streets and on the web? What new challenges do they face?

Session Organizer:
Carmen DIAZ ALBA, ITESO Guadalajara, Mexico
Oral Presentations
Shifting Inter-Organizational Relations & Insider-Outsider Strategies in Transnational Environmental and Women’s Activism
Jackie SMITH, University of Pittsburgh, USA; Basak GEMICI, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Transnational Resonances of the World March of Women in the Americas
Anabel PAULOS, University of Ottawa, Canada; Carmen DIAZ ALBA, ITESO Guadalajara, Mexico
Solidarity-Building with Anti-Extractivist Struggles in the World March of Women in the Macro-Norte Region, Peru
Dominique MASSON, University of Ottawa, Canada; Anabel PAULOS, University of Ottawa, Canada
Women’s Movements Facing Surrogacy. Frames, Alliances and Reflections on Freedom.
Daniela BANDELLI, LUMSA University, Italy; Consuelo CORRADI, Department of Human Studies, Lumsa University, Italy