Livelihood Resilience and Vulnerability: Opportunities and Challenges in a Changing Environment

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 15:30-17:20
RC39 Sociology of Disasters (host committee)

Language: English

As the global climate shifts, communities are faced with a myriad of mitigation challenges and threats. These highlight the political, cultural, economic, social, and physical vulnerability of livelihood opportunities that shape community, group, and individual strategies to mitigate disaster risk. These challenges can also demonstrate their resilience and adaptive capacities. Research in the fields of hazard management, humanitarian response, food security programming, agricultural development, and gender-equity programming have sought to understand the factors that threaten livelihood structures and strategies to enhance their adaptive capacity. This session will bring together case studies from around the globe to illustrate programming or community-based responses that have helped reduce livelihood risks or help to expand and diversify livelihood options. Documenting the best practices for building resilient livelihood systems and reducing vulnerability will be a major focus of the session. Papers that focus on planning, mitigation, and response are welcome.  

Session Organizer:
Michele COMPANION, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, USA
Oral Presentations
Resilient or Vulnerable Livelihoods? Assessing Urban Social Vulnerability from a Network Perspective
Yi GE, Nanjing University, China; Wen DOU, School of Transportation, Southeast University, Nanjing 210096, China
Evacuating Pets and People: Time, Decisions, and Resources
Jennifer TRIVEDI, University of Delaware, USA; Tricia WACHTENDORF, University of Delaware, USA