Institutional Ethnography for Youth and Women: Human Rights in the Americas

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 15:30-17:20
TG06 Institutional Ethnography (host committee)

Language: Spanish and English

How are human rights socially organized within institutions that are meant to uphold wellbeing and empowerment with/for youth and women?  Which forms of oppression and violence continue to exist for young people within education and welfare/protection systems and practices?  How is digital and social media being used or abused to this end? This session calls together academics, practitioners and youth who are employing institutional ethnography to examine workings of the institutional systems for the rights of youth and women. This session invokes human rights as rendered with/for/by youth and women. It invites interdisciplinary discussions to detail how human rights animate and activate young lives. Papers will detail how Institutional Ethnography is used in a range of women and youth-attuned and de-colonizing methods to address a wide range of questions relating to power, violence and justice as themes of the 2018 International Sociological Association.
Session Organizers:
Kate TILLECZEK, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada and Henry PARADA, Ryerson University, Canada
Henry PARADA, Ryerson University, Canada
Oral Presentations
Garantia De Derechos Y Proteccion a Niños/Niñas Y Adolescentes EN Republica Dominicana
Sara GUILAMO, Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra, Dominican Republic
El Sistema De Protección Infantil En Honduras
Martha Lorena SUAZO, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, Honduras; Kevin CRUZ, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, Honduras
Mujeres Contaminadas: El "Destrato" En El Trato. El Caso De Villa Inflamable
Laura FERRENO, Universidad de Avellaneda, Argentina