Family Issues in Social Psychology

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 08:30-10:20
RC42 Social Psychology (host committee)

Language: English

Socio-psychological effect of  families with  special child are always a matter of concern to the parents. The tension associated with the birth of the  special child  creates a negative  psychology of the parents   about  their future and also about  the future of the child  born to them  . The present theme invites  papers from the researchers, the policy makers and the practitioners from  the developed  developing and the under developed countries on the situation of their own society and the psychological  effect of the special child  on the  parents and the family members  and also on the policies adopted in developed, developing and underdeveloped countries to tackle their  situation. The present theme aims to open a platform for dissemination and exchange  of information among  the researchers , care givers, policy makers and the teachers involved  in the field  and aims to open   the gateway towards the exchange of views  and ideas  so that  the practitioners working in the field can propose positive  policies  and programs  of the developing  countries , as  a boost up to the parents  giving birth to a special child.
Session Organizers:
Subir Kumar BARDHAN ROY, Centre For Strategic Studies, India and Maitreyee BARDHAN ROY, Diamond Harbour Women University, India
Oral Presentations
Webs of Care: Families and Communities in India
Nandini GHOSH, Institute of Development Studies Kolkata, India
Cultural Repression, Caste in Educational Sphere and Psycho-Social Experiences: Sociological Interpretation from Dalit Narrations in India
Dr. Dhaneswar BHOI, National Council of Educational Research and Training, New Delhi-110016 and Completed PhD from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India, India
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