Period and Cohort Effects on Wellbeing in Early Adulthood

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 08:30-10:20
RC55 Social Indicators (host committee)

Language: English

As young people transition between education and employment, their levels of well-being may fluctuate in accordance with changes in their circumstances. Young people who secure their preferred education or employment option may report higher levels of wellbeing than those who engage in study or work that is not particularly appealing to them. Levels of wellbeing may also differ between cohorts due to wider economic circumstances such as high rates of growth or sudden economic contractions. Young adults seeking employment during periods of rapid economic growth may have experienced very different levels of wellbeing compared to their counterparts who were seeking employment during periods of economic contraction. Furthermore, the effects of economic expansion and contraction on levels of wellbeing may differ according to the institutional settings of various countries. This session welcomes papers comparing levels of wellbeing between cohorts and/or between countries to examine the effects of the broader economic context on wellbeing.

Session Organizer:
Jennifer CHESTERS, University of Melbourne, Australia
Oral Presentations
Do Young People Acquire Excessive Education? Overqualification Among Recent Post-Secondary Graduates in Canada
Amélie GROLEAU, McGill University, Canada; Michael SMITH, McGill University, Canada
School-to-Work-Transition and Well-Being in Australia”,
Hans DIETRICH, Institute for Employment Research, Germany
The Weight of Precarity: How Do Changing Experiences of Work, Study and Relationships Affect Young Australians’ Risk of Developing a Mental Illness?
Jonathan SMITH, Monash University, Australia; Jacqueline LAUGHLAND-BOOŸ, School of Social Sciences, Monash University, Australia; Jenifer MURPHY, The University of Melbourne, Australia; Zlatko SKRBIS, Monash University, Australia
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