Employment-Related Mobilities in Canada: Crossroads of Domestic and Transnational Movement

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 08:30-10:20
RC31 Sociology of Migration (host committee)

Language: English

Employment-related geographical mobility (E-RGM) in Canada occurs across intra- and inter-national scales of mobility. On top of local and inter-provincial seasonal, intermittent and rotational labour mobility, Canada has relied on diverse and increasingly flexible and temporary programs of international labour mobility. These mobilities entail meanings, practices, and politics (Cresswell 2010) that both reflect and shape the social relations between work and other facets of life. And yet, for too long, inter- and intra-national forms of mobilityhave lived in parallel universes of inquiry (Ackers 2005). The panel seek to redress this gap, directly engaging with mobility at multiple scales as a core defining facet of the social (Urry 2007) and, more specifically, as integral to understanding work and employment (Kaufmann and Viry 2015; Cresswell et al. 2016).

This session invites papers that address the confluence of domestic and transnational labour mobility, especially in Canada. Papers must explicitly be engaged with critical analysis of the nexus of transnational and other forms and scales of mobility as it shapes or is shaped by social identities, relationships, places, practices, or institutions. Diverse methods and approaches are welcome, as are a range of subject matters. Examples include: refugee and immigrant experiences of internal labour migration; intersections of temporary foreign worker migration with other forms of mobility in the workplace or labour force; paid and unpaid forms of care across places and scales of mobility; skilling, unskilling, and citizenship within the context of precarious mobility; implications of multiple employment-related mobilities for housing, community-building, or family relations.

Session Organizers:
Sara DOROW, University of Alberta, Canada and Barbara NEIS, Memorial University, Canada
Sara DOROW, University of Alberta, Canada
Barbara NEIS, Memorial University, Canada
Oral Presentations
Great White North Vs. Tim Hortons: Filipino Service Workers and the Mobilities of Capital and Labour
Pauline BARBER, Dalhousie University, Canada; Catherine BRYAN, Dalhousie University, Canada