Racialized Migrants, Multiculturalism and (In)Justice Beyond the Metropole

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 10:30-12:20
RC05 Racism, Nationalism, Indigeneity and Ethnicity (host committee)

Language: English

Migrant and refugee settlement in regional and rural locations has been growing in many Western destination countries, partly due to policies that direct migrants and refugees to areas of labour shortages and population decline, or away from stretched urban centres. While regional and rural populations in some places have become more culturally diverse, non-metropolitan populations have also emerged as more opposed to migration in recent political events such as Brexit and the US presidential election. Emerging research into regional and rural settlement outcomes has tended to focus either on migrants’ employment experiences or responses to new arrivals in regional or rural communities. What tends to remain under-explored are the social justice implications of racialized regional and rural settlement and the intersections of racism with other dimensions of injustice.

This session invites contributions that engage critically with different dimensions of (in)justice in relation to regional and rural settlement of migrants, refugees and racialized minorities.  Which experiences of - social, cultural, economic, political and other - injustice are emerging in the course of regional and rural settlement? What are the social justice implications of government policies that direct temporary migrants to regional and rural labour markets? What are the implications of resettling refugees in regional areas affected by population loss? Which kinds of injustice are being addressed by multicultural policies and which require other remedies?

We invite theoretically and empirically informed submissions that bring a concern with (in)justice to the topic of racialized regional and rural mobilities and settlement and related policies.

Session Organizers:
Martina BOESE, La Trobe University, Australia, Anthony MORAN, La Trobe University, Australia and Raelene WILDING, La Trobe University Melbourne, Australia
Anthony MORAN, La Trobe University, Australia and Martina BOESE, La Trobe University, Australia
Oral Presentations
Bridging the ‘Migration-Development Nexus'-Addressing the 'wellbeing'of Migrants in Rural Areas
Philomena DE LIMA, University of the Highlands and Islands, United Kingdom
Migrant Differentiation, Racism and Islamophobia in Rural/Regional Australia
David RADFORD, University of South Australia, Australia
Countryside Ghettoes? Segregation in Small Towns and Rural Areas in Italy.
Eduardo BARBERIS, DESP - University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy
The Refugee Entrepreneurship Paradox in Australia: Regional and Rural Experiences
Jock COLLINS, UTS Business School, University of Technology Sydney., Australia; Branka KRIVOKAPIC-SKOKO, Charles Sturt University, Australia