228 Segregation(s) and urban inequalities in major cities around the world. Part I

Thursday, August 2, 2012: 9:00 AM-10:30 AM
OB 304 (Faculty of Economics)

RC21 Regional and Urban Development (host committee)

Language: English
Session Organizers:
Jesús LEAL, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain and Thomas MALOUTAS, Harokopio University, Greece
School segregation and school inequality in the U.S. (Oral Presentation)
John LOGAN, Brown University, USA

Gentrification, education and exclusionary displacement in East London (Oral Presentation)
Tim BUTLER, King's College London, United Kingdom; Chris HAMNETT, King's College London, United Kingdom

Three research traditions and their influences over the two major residential segregation studies in Brazil during the last two decades (Oral Presentation)
André CAETANO, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais (PUC Minas), Brazil; Luciana ANDRADE, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais (PUC Minas), Brazil

Black flight: Racial shuffling in American metropolitan areas (Oral Presentation)
Hilary SILVER, Brown University, USA; Orly CLERGE, Brown University, USA

Élites y desigualdad urbana: Segregación residencial de las clases altas en las grandes regiones metropolitanas españolas 1991 – 2010 (Distributed Paper)
Miguel RUBIALES, Universidad de Barcelona, Spain; Isabel PUJADAS, Universidad de Barcelona, Spain; Jordi BAYONA, Universidad de Barcelona, Spain

We are the last ones here... The experience of growing old in gentrifying post-socialist urban environment? (Distributed Paper)
Lucie GALCANOVA, Masaryk University, Czech Republic

Selective migration flows and the production and reproduction of ethnic residential segregation (Distributed Paper)
Katja VILKAMA, University of Helsinki, Finland

Immigration in European cities and the determinants of social exclusion (Distributed Paper)
Giuliana COSTA, Politecnico di Milano, Italy; Benjamin EWERT, Justus-Liebig Universität Giessen, Germany

Urban segregation and educational inequality in Athens (Distributed Paper)
Andromachi HADJIYANNI, NATIONAL CENTRE FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH, Greece; Antoinetta CAPELLA, NATIONAL CENTRE FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH, Greece; Stavros SIRIGOS, University of Thessaly, Greece; Stavros-Nikiforos SPYRELLIS, Universite Paris 7, Greece; Despoina VALASSI, University of Crete, Greece