Dynamics of the Emergence of EIA As a Professional Group in Era of Globalization : A Case Study from Gujarat

Tuesday, 12 July 2016: 09:50
Location: Hörsaal 4C G (Neues Institutsgebäude (NIG))
Oral Presentation
Sheetal TAMAKUWALA, Department of Sociology, VNSG University. India, India
The concept of Professionalism has been a central issue in the debate on globalization of professions in last two decades. A new category of professionals, namely, environment impact assessment (EIA) professionals- has been emerged with the growth of environmentalism in last three decades. Professions are generally have six characteristics: (a) the use of skills based on theoretical Knowledge, (b) education and training in these skills, (c) the competence of professional ensured by examination, (d) a code of conduct to ensure professional, (e) a performance of a service that is for the public good, and (f) a professional association that organize members. The paper attempts to analyse the dynamics of Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) practitioners as professionals on the basis of above criteria in terms of the assessment, how this profession has emerged so far and to what extent it fulfils the credentials as mentioned herein above. The paper is based on empirical study conducted on 10 institutions, 10 NGOs, and 10 Environmentalists based at Surat, Gujarat, etc. The paper also focuses upon the issues related to the formation of the profession of EIA in India and its dynamics in the era of globalization