The Body in Society: Embodied Action and Embodied Theory

Tuesday, 12 July 2016: 09:00-10:30
Location: Hörsaal 22 (Juridicum)
RC54 The Body in the Social Sciences (host committee)

Language: English

As Erving Goffman pointed out in his presidential address to the American Sociological Association, “The Interaction Order,” in 1972, we can not act without our bodies and thus sociology must account for the body in both social action and social theory. Since then, the body has been reinserted into sociological research and theory with considerable vigour. The seminal works of Erving Goffman, Michel Foucault, Mary Douglas, Norbert Elias, and Merleau-Ponty have been reexamined for their embodied perspectives and current scholarship has continued working towards linking corporeal experience to social processes, systems, and structures. This session invites papers that explore the connections between the lived body and the body as a set of social experiences; insights into the body as a site of social control, and examinations of the body as a vehicle for the expression and consumption of culture.
Session Organizer:
Jacqueline LOW, University New Brunswick, Canada
Jacqueline LOW, University New Brunswick, Canada
Homeless Bodies: The Gendered Embodiment of Survival
Juliet WATSON, RMIT University, Australia
The Performing Body: An Ethnographic Field Study with Life Drawing Models
Jasmin KASHANIPOUR, University of Vienna, Austria
Researching the Female Reproductive Body: Theoretical Approaches
Andri CHRISTOFOROU, European University Cyprus, Cyprus