Roundtable A

The Politics of Intergenerational Conflict: A Comparative Study of the UK and Japan (Oral Presentation)
Debora PRICE, King's College London; Mayumi HAYASHI, King's College London; Utae MORI, Osaka University of Economics; Lynne LIVSEY, LQR Associates; Suzanne MOFFATT, Newcastle University
Beyond Mannheim: Conceptualising How People See' and Do' Generations in Contemporary Society (Oral Presentation)
Virpi TIMONEN, Trinity College Dublin; Catherine CONLON, Trinity College Dublin
Solidarity Regimes and Individualization: Institutional Change In Social Security Schemes (Oral Presentation)
Patricia FRERICKS, University of Hamburg
Characteristics in the Personal Network and Mortality Risk in Older Adults (Oral Presentation)
Lea ELLWARDT, University of Groningen; Theo VAN TILBURG, VU Amsterdam University; Marja AARTSEN, VU Amsterdam University; Rafael WITTEK, University of Groningen; Nardi STEVERINK, University of Groningen
Intergenerational Dependencies: Challenges for Theory, Research and Policy (Oral Presentation)
Michael FINE, Macquarie University