Sociology of Orthodoxy: The Study of the Church Life in the Contemporary Russia

Organizers: Igor RYAZANTSEV and Maria PODLESNAYA
Postsekulyarizm of Modern Society: Russian Option (Oral Presentation)
Igor RYAZANTSEV, St.Tikhon's Orthodox University
Sociologist of Religion: Insider As a Professional Outsider. on Professional Competence and Potential Engagement (Oral Presentation)
Ludmila GRIGORIEVA, Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical Univ
Structuring of Current Religious Practices in Polyconfessional Regions (Oral Presentation)
Larisa ASTAKHOVA, Kazan Federal University
Parallel/Alternative Orthodoxy in Russia: Inside Church, out of Doctrine (Oral Presentation)
Iaroslav BUKHARAEV, Kazan Federal University
The Models of Orthodox Christian Parishes within Post-Soviet Russia: The Influence of Social Environment (Oral Presentation)
Maria PODLESNAYA, St.Tikhon’s Orthodox University
Value Identity of Russian Younger's (Oral Presentation)
Vera GNEVASHEVA, Moscow University for the Humanities
Orthodox Online Communities in Social Russian Nets As an Object of Social Research (Oral Presentation)
Vasiliy PISAREVSKIY, St.Tikhon’s Ortodox University
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