Changing Scenario of Bunt Women, a Study with Special Reference to South Kanara of Karnataka , India

Saturday, July 19, 2014: 3:15 PM
Room: 315
Oral Presentation
Vanitha DAPPARABAIL , Dept of Sociology, A.V.K college for women, Hassan, India
The position of women has been different from society to society and from time to time. India is no exception to this.Women in India is essentially feminine and noted for feminine virtue, gentleness and tenderness. Indian women’s life encompasses various dimensions of personal, domestic and community life. Women studies in India understood as a body of literature that embodies the concerns for women, s equality and development. It seeks to find explanations and the factors, the historical evolution and the present state of women’s social position. It strives to find remedies for unequal position of women and the methods to empower women.

    Early research  on woman in India were primarily done by social historians  , indologists, anthropologist investigated  the position of woman , mainly of the high caste and elite  sections of the society and to find the solutions to the  social evils like child marriage , satee, the general oppression of widows , illiteracy.Indian society of institutions and practices which were believed to be deterrents to national resurgence and progress and which gone India a bad name in western world. Research on women is significant to generate new and organic knowledge through intensive fieldwork. This would help to generate the data essential for understanding areas of academic analysis into higher to neglected sectors.The present paper looks in to the  understanding and investigation of problems of Bunt Women and  her status,  problems in a closer way and also an attempt  to highlight how Bunt women have undergone a series of changes in her positions and roles and also to know how the Bunt women participate in decision making process of the family, political participation, economic and cultural spheres of life.