Cybercultur @ and Cultural Management For Development

Monday, July 14, 2014: 3:30 PM
Room: Booth 47
Oral Presentation
Margarita MAASS , Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, UNAM, México D.F., Mexico
México is a multicultural and mega-diverse country. With this richness and abundance in natural and cultural resources, Why Mexico is a country with a high index of poverty and low social development? How could we work in terms of community development? This peper focuses primarily on a proposal for the development of a thinking culture development as a large system formed by multiple sub-systems.  We argue how Sociocybernetics let us understanding and explaining the culture as a ethno-ecosystem. In this proposal, Central System is the culture for development, and each sub-system is related and complemented with each other in building concrete procedures of observation and analysis units, as the elements of a larger system analyzed from a constructivist operational methodology.   Specifically each subsystem may have different value and processing degree, and they are part of "culture for development" system. Each subsystem invites communities to making decisions and taking actions with a methodological model by the Sociocybernetics proposal and from a cybercultural perspective. Then, we explain how sociocybernetics allow us to construct a methodological proposal based on an Emerging Community of Local Knowledge system, CECL’s, in order to understand  culture and development as a ethno-ecosystem; we explain how the ethno-ecological processes in a community are multidimensional and multi-relational processes.  These processes permit the culture to appear as a fundamental component of a sustainable development. 


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