Leisure-Disabled Children & Their Welfare Measures: A Study Of Hyderabad Karnataka Region

Friday, July 18, 2014: 4:15 PM
Room: 304
Oral Presentation
Basawraj S GULSHETTY , Inmadar MSW PG College Gulbarga, Gulbarga University GULBARGA, Gulbarga, India
The study of leisure disabled children and their welf-fare measure assuming a importance all over the world espicially developing countries of the world in general india is in particular.The children are the most precious asset of any nation & deserve the very best of man kind has to offer . They have not only a right to full health, phigically development but also the right to grow to full their potential intellectually, socially, morally, & culturally all efferts and resources mobilized towards the end by any society or country are a necessory and crucial investment .At present 80 % of disabled live in the developing countries where less than 1% recieved any trained help. of the 146 million disabled children under the age of 15 year, as many as 106 million are in asia & africa. according to senses of 2011 figures, 5.7 million children in INDIA are disabled in which means 1 out of every 4 children suffering from one or the other kind disability.Hence , it is extremely important focus on their urgent needs, allowing such children to lead a reputable & life quality in the socity recognizing their leisure rights. the present study is aimed to know about the socioeconomic status and the effective utilization of leisure time & wel-fare service measures of the disabled children in Hyderabad Karnataka region of India.

This study data has collected on the basis of emperical servey & detiled interview with the respondant interactive method of interpretation is adopted  to interpret qualitative as well as quantitative data .