Intergenerational Communication in Transnational Families: A Gendered Perspective

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 6:45 PM
Room: 302
Oral Presentation
Peruvemba JAYA , University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Examining multiculturalism, and combining a postcolonial feminist perspective with intergenerational communication, transnational migrant families are examined with a view to understanding the realities and negotiations between generations as well as how cultural values are transmitted across generations. In particular the communication: varied aspects such as verbal and nonverbal, that grandmothers use in relation to their grandchildren will be examined. A nuanced analysis of gender intersecting with race, class, ethnicity and cultural diversity will be used in this study. The goal is to empirically uncover and shed light on the following questions: How do grandmothers transmit cultural values to their grandchildren in the Canadian context?

More specifically, what negotiations do grandmothers make to effectively communicate with their grandchildren about the cultures of their countries of origin?

Interviews, at least ten to twelve, using a semi structured interview protocol as well as focus groups if needed will be conducted in Ottawa among grandmothers and as diverse a group of respondents from varied cultures as possible representing varied nationalities and cultures will be selected to participate in the study.