Geographies of the European Spring: The Case of #Spanishrevolution

Wednesday, July 16, 2014: 3:30 PM
Room: F205
Oral Presentation
Jordi NOFRE , Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Along the week prior to the past local and regional elections in Spain celebrated on 22nd May 2011, many Spanish citizens took several plazas and streets to denounce political corruption and national economic situation that are deteriorating democracy in Spain. Immersed in a strong economic uncertainty mainly marked by a great lack of individual as collective future, the eternal Two Spains have bumped into themselves. This paper will show how the so-termed #Spanishrevolution” names this recent episode of the present history of Spain in which the urban, modern and young Spain has raised their voice against the rural, traditional, pure, old Spain. Mainly based on a sub-regional scale analysis of the ‘#Spanishrevolution”, this paper will show how the young, urban, modern Spain openly expresses that it is not willing to keep on badly surviving in the city while the rural Spain continues to lie in their country houses without showing any sign of entrepreneurship, awaiting the arrival public subsidies mainly funded by the European Comission as well as its Spanish wealthiest sisters regions. The Northern Spain has said enough to the South. Rather than showing a Hegelian spirit of the people, the # SpanishRevolution is a cry for the modernization of Spain.