Information and Communication Resources Is Laid the Foundation Stabilization of the Society

Saturday, July 19, 2014: 8:45 AM
Room: 512
Oral Presentation
Elena AVDEEVA , Research Assistant, Research Institute Social Systems, Moscow, Russia
Global crises have contributed to the destruction of the basic values of capitalist civilization, which were based on the domination of the economic system over all others. The perception of the economy has been built on the theological principles. All sectors of society were directed to obtain the gross earnings. This contributed to a gradual merging of economic and political interests, which led to formation of the new political elite. A statesman is not a «servant of the people», he becomes a businessman. This contributed to the rejection of society from the state, which leads to confusion.

Reduction of the growing resentment of the society about the established political system may contribute to make of bilateral open dialogue between the state and society. This is possible through using of information and communication resources. In addition, organization of communicative and informational process in correct form helps to establish trust between society and government that leads to creating an entirely new model of interaction of two opposite spheres. The possession of information allows both parties to navigate in a particular situation, change it, plan some actions, to monitor the effectiveness of solutions, avoiding a particular risk, control each other.

The modern society has new information technologies, which allows people always being in the process of communication. Development of communicative environment is developed public control, and also contributes to the formation of public opinion, which could resist the state will. Moscow is the initiator of the development of information and communication resources among the subjects of the Russian Federation. The government of Moscow created government portals aimed at the creation of direct communication of the authorities and the population. These measures have helped to increase the level of loyalty of the population to the authorities.