Theological Methodology the Sociotechnics the Soil for a Manipulation Religious Consciousness

Saturday, July 19, 2014: 8:30 AM-10:20 AM
Room: 512
RC26 Sociotechnics, Sociological Practice (host committee)

Language: English

Relevance of this perspective is defined by social religions tension which increases in the world. Therefore it would be desirable to discuss some blocks of questions: The theological principles and modern opportunities of sociotechnics. Initially sociotechnics were formed in a subsoil of social institute of church: belief in proclaimed values; trust to priests; psychological influence by means of architecture, theatrical action, painting, music; sermon and confession influence, etc. later they were borrowed by authorities and politicians. In the modern society these technologies were widely adopted, they are used and in economy in the form of network marketing, and in information networks of the Internet, and in advertizing. But the last decades they began to operate religion generally forming aggressive and aggressive flock. As tools act: distortion of texts of the sacred writing at the expense of transfer of accents, interpretations in the sermon, reductions of texts, etc.; creation of a chain of social acts of discontent in infringement of the rights of believers, a religion insult, etc., using collected discontent among believing people. The ascension to Dudaev's power and his mutation from the Soviet official in the ardent Islamist and the head of terrorist groups in Chechnya is such example in Russia. Fight against Muslim priests who defend purity of the Scriptuses and belief became a consequence of this militant belief. Guard those retail attempts of kindling of militant Orthodoxy which it is possible to see today. The studying of theological basis of modern political strategies "to unmask" the hidden interests of certain groups. Empirical researches of practice which allow to learn the true purposes and to build counterstrategy to save from destruction not only belief institute, but also national cultures. The studying of tools of the social technologies to form "the spoiled patient". Sociological researches in the practice field of methodology and methods development of the sociotechnics allow to distinguish manipulations and not to follow the tastes them. Aggressively adjusted militant "religions" now cause not only concern from Church or society, but it already is the fact of formation of a new zone of social tension in the countries of the Old World. These are those processes which go in the house of dwelling of the person (for example, in Denmark, England, the South of France). As practice in Russia showed consequences of these technologies very heavy and difficult eradicated as they mention the most deep values of people which lie at mental and psychological level.
Session Organizer:
Svetlana SHARONOVA, St.Tikhon's Orthodox University, Russia
Information and Communication Resources Is Laid the Foundation Stabilization of the Society (Oral Presentation)
Elena AVDEEVA, Research Institute Social Systems, Russia