Investigation Social Factors Influencing on Educational Opportunities Among High School Students of Tehran

Monday, July 14, 2014: 11:00 AM
Room: 315
Oral Presentation
Ali NOURI , Writer, Iran

This study sought to determine the contribution social factors on creation and maintaining inequality in educational opportunities among students in Tehran.

Reproduction theorists believe that strong solidarity exsits between family background and the level of access to the educational facilities.

Network analysis theory holds that inequal transfer of resources and opportunities leads to inequal educational opportunities.This means that people have inequal opportunities in achieving social possibilities and maintaining relationship with those who control the resources like information and bureaucratic influence,which makes the educational opportunities inequal.Having information of school programs,education and job consoultation,friends in upper economy section would be some good examples.

The survy method and questionnaire technic used for this study.The sample volume is 300 and the sampling method is cluster- sample.face and content validity used for questionire confirmation.cronbakhs α has been used for reliability and 78 persent is result.

 According to research data,tehran school are run 5 ways:heyat-e-omanayee,people specimen,governmental specimen,non-governmental and normal governmental.

In recent years,normal governmental schools that had more facilities or better quality of education became heyat-e-omanayee or governmental specimen.

Low-income families have problem to access appropriate schools while upper class can register their children to bether school using their connections network and affording the school fees.Stepping up in socio-economic class leads to increasing educational sensivity level of parents ,as well as increase in comunicational kills of students and boosting up heir educational motivatin also dire need for access,resulting in educational progress and reducing inequal educational opportunities.

Continueing the recent ternd will bring about deprivement of talented students in

 low-income  families from proper educational facilities.This will deprive the society from part of the nation s talent. Moreover illiteracy and semi- illiteracy of portion of society will lead to subsequences such as ineffecienay,crime,disorder and in security.