Inmigration Key for Inmigrants in Spain 2013

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 11:05 AM
Room: Booth 47
Oral Presentation

According to our recent research study/survey, it shows that the inmigrants in Spain 2013 (Romanians 19%, Morrocans 18.8%, Ecuadorians 9,4%, subsaharian Africans 6.3%, Colombians 6.1%, Bolivians 9.4% and those with dual nationality 16.9%) 77.6% of them live in rental housing, 27.3% work in private labour market with temporal contracts and 21.1% with fixed or permanent contracts, while 26% are unemployed although they have worked before. 57% of them have the intention is to stay definitely and in general terms, they are highly satisfied with the services. They are also highly satisfied with their interpersonal relations (88%), with their family life (80%) and at work/studies (63%). Nevertheless, only 44% of them are satisfied with the economic situation. 83.5% consider their cultural contribution as positive and 75.3% consider their economic contribution as positive and 69.8% consider their demographic contribution as positive. 50% of inmigrants surveyed think that they should keep their civil traditions, specially if they can. However, 68% agree that the languages which are mayority should be included in the academic curriculum and 37% agree with the headscarfs ban in classrooms. Integration for 78% of the surveyed is a society issue, and those with more difficulties are the Magreb population 36.9%, the subsaharian African countries 13.8% and the Chinese 13%. We conclude with the affirmation that, according to the inmigrants, 50% of them agree that the economic aids should exist for Spaniards and inmigrants independently from their legal or illegal administrative status and for 97% of them, they should have the right to live with their families, 95% think they should collect their unemployment benefits after paying their social security taxes, 80% think they should be able to vote in local/municipal elections and 85% think they should be able to obtain the Spanish nationality.