The Second Group of Keban Dam Studies in Upper Part of Fırat Basin

Friday, July 18, 2014: 4:00 PM
Room: F202
Oral Presentation
Ilknur ONER , Sociology, Firat University, Elazig, Turkey
The first group of the Keban Dam studies were carried on rural and urban areas in many fields in relation to construction process of the dam, resettlement process and later on similar to many projects in the world. However, there are on going high dam projects in many countries on the neck of many rivers and river basins. Kariba, Aswan, James Bay I-II, Three Georges, Hoover and Keban are known examples. The lower-upper parts of dams and themselves are still focuse of future development projects. Therefore secod, third and many more studies can be named in relation to known dams.

Initial studies were focusing on the construction of dams. Their human and environmental issues such as power, equality, aging and right issues, recognition of upper-lower and dam areas; short, medium and long term impacts have become visible in time. However studies are not enough yet to see all or policies not powerfull enough to encounter all findings from the fields (human and nature).

This study consisted on four sections. The first section will be revealing introductory knowledge on a necessity of an approach to merge lower, upper and dam areas inclusive of collaboration of all scientific areas without isolating local issues. The second section introduces methodological foundations of the study. The discussion will be the third section. This will be based on three pillars: Findings from the known high dam projects from the world; general evaluation of the Keban Dam Project And recent developments, rural-urban and environmental polcies in the upper part of the Keban dam and upper part of the Firat Basin. The findings will be discussed comparatively. A special attention will be given to the protected natural areas (by public-by law) and changes in them. The last section consisted of conclusion and recommendations.