New Alternative Masculinities Against Gender Violence

Monday, July 14, 2014: 4:30 PM
Room: 303
Oral Presentation
LIDIA PUIGVERT , University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Roger CAMPDEPADROS , Department of Empresa, University of Girona, Spain
Gisela REDONDO SAMA , university of barcelona, Spain
Mar JOANPERE , university of barcelona, Spain
This paper presents a South's contribution to overcoming gender violence. Recent scientific evidence about the perpetuation of the traditional heterosexual model of masculinity upon gender violence shows that 1) there are in the history many examples of men that have fight together with feminist women for the eradication of gender violence; and 2) often and according to an existing socialization to be egalitarian do not promotes a desirable image (in terms of sexual attraction). It stands out the differentiation between three types of masculinities: Dominant Traditional Masculinities (DTM), Oppressed Traditional Masculinities (OTM), and New Alternative Masculinities (NAM). DTM and OTM contribute to perpetuate violence against women, while NAM allows preventing it and, thus, overcoming it (Flecha, Puigvert, Rios, 2013).

This theoretical contribution was presented for the first time in Barcelona (Spain) in a conference organized by Homes en Diàleg (Men in Dialogue), a men’ organization, based under the context of Dialogic Feminism and which main objective is to promote and strengthen other models of masculinity based on equality and dialogue, as an alternative to the hegemonic masculinity. From the theoretical perspective of Dialogic Feminism, defined by Puigvert (Beck-Gersheim, Butler & Puigvert, 2001), and the new conceptualization of DTM, OTM and NAM, it is possible to contribute to the eradication of gender violence in different countries. Thus, this paper proposes how this conceptualization could be transferred to all cultures and contexts and fight gender violence in a global way.