Culture of Innovation in Higher Educational Institutions

Tuesday, July 15, 2014: 9:34 AM
Room: Booth 44
Oral Presentation
Ekaterina AKHMETSHINA , Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Russia
Tatiana KLYUEVA , Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Russia
In modern society one of the most significant goals of higher educational institutions is to support the development of innovative culture. The modernization of all sectors of economy and society depends on the formation of new skills and patterns of behavior for the new generation.

In Russia the culture of innovation is forming under the influence of rising territorial inequality, stratification of higher education institutions (the allocation of specific types of high schools), growing diversity in organizational, personnel, technological conditions in different types of schools.

The paper analyses the culture of innovation upon the integration of education and science. The positions of the two main subjects of innovative process are observed: teachers and students. It is based on the survey of academics and students from different types of universities (federal , research, regional – that types are result of the Russian education reform). Using the results of the survey, we can show what model of integration of education and science is emerging and what are the prospects of this interaction in building of innovative culture.