The Worldwide Outlook for Children: A Model for Monitoring and Studying Children's Rights?

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 12:00 PM
Room: Booth 46
Oral Presentation
Maria SCHMEECKLE , Sociology, Illinois State University, Normal, IL
The Worldwide Outlook for Children (WOC) is a web resource of information and indicators of young people’s wellbeing, rights, and interests. It may serve as a model for human rights research, particularly for investigations of experiences and statuses of indigenous youth. WOC is designed for use by everyone, from scholars to policy makers to young people, and will be available in multiple languages. WOC is a useful resource for identifying, understanding, and explaining young people’s experience across the world. WOC presents vast evidence about children, including indicators of their physical health and survival, educational attainment and resources devoted to educational success, violence committed against young people, and children’s work experiences. WOC will raise awareness as well about indicators of children’s wellbeing that are not yet available for many countries. As such, WOC may be instrument for identifying what we do not know about indigenous young people’s wellbeing, rights, and interests. Over time, WOC will work from a global perspective to share information regarding young people’s wellbeing, rights, and interests.