The Dynamics of Migration Processes in Modern Russia : Analysis, Problems and Prospects

Saturday, July 19, 2014: 9:15 AM
Room: 315
Oral Presentation
Elena NAZAROVA , Public Relation and Media Policy, Russian Presidental Academy, Moscow, Russia
Elena Nazarova

The dynamics of migration processes in modern Russia : Analysis, Problems and Prospects

For the present stage of social and socio-economic transformation in Russia is characterized by sharp increase attention to the migration processes, the dynamics of which every year is losing its momentum, a negative impact on the demographic situation in the country. The immigration influx is now no longer compensate for the natural decline in population - as it was in the 90s .

However, in today's globalized world for the skilled work force Russia to seriously compete . Thus, according to the UN , the total annual immigration resource in the run up to 2050 will be approximately 2.2 million people. Half of them will qualify for the United States , 200 thousand - Germany and Canada , with 130 thousand - United Kingdom . Moreover, a number of European countries are already developing programs to attract Russian citizens . Russia left more than 100 thousand scientists involved in such traditionally strong areas of the country , such as mathematics , chemistry , physics , biology . This is mostly educated people aged 35-45 years.

We believe that now in force , with sufficient clarity migration policy came into conflict with the objective needs of the country.