Challenges and Innovations in Contemporary Counter-Hegemonic Politics

Tuesday, July 15, 2014: 10:30 AM-12:20 PM
Room: 301
RC07 Futures Research (host committee)
RC02 Economy and Society

Language: English

Session Organizers:
William K. CARROLL, University of Victoria, Canada and Markus S. SCHULZ, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, USA
‘Decolonial Marxism' and Neozapatismo: Bridging Counterhegemonic Struggles in the Global North and South (Oral Presentation)
Ana Cecilia DINERSTEIN, University of Bath, United Kingdom

Many ‘Post-Modern Princes'? Rival Cosmopolitanisms in the Global Field of Justice Movements (Oral Presentation)
S A Hamed HOSSEINI, University of Newcastle, Australia

Participatory Budgeting: Considerations about the Global Spread of a Local Practice (Oral Presentation)
Sérgio Henrique ROCHA FRANCO, UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA, Spain; Wendell TEIXEIRA ASSIS, Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Brazil

2011 and 1968: Transnational Crisis - Transnational Social Movements? (Oral Presentation)
Bryn JONES, University of Bath, United Kingdom; Mike O'DONNELL, University of Westminster, United Kingdom

Participatory Budgeting in the US: The Role of Key Actors in Shaping Turnout (Oral Presentation)
Madeleine PAPE, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Global Feminist Counter-Hegemonic Politics and Transformative Perspectives (Distributed Paper)
Angela MILES, University of Toronto, Canada

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