Noiserr: The Generative Capabilities of Epistemic Disruption

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 08:30
Oral Presentation
Martina RAPONI, Noiserr, Netherlands
Noiserr is an interdisciplinary research group centered around explorations of Noise via deconstructed reading and listening sessions. Noiserr is an on-going exploration of Noise instantiated via theory- and practice-led investigative actions. Since different conceptualizations of Noise are widespread, and many are mutually exclusive, our actions do not rely on an exhaustive definition of Noise, but instead try and harness its indefinable nature to examine the generative capabilities of epistemic disruption. We read works of art, performances, objects, sounds, images, videos, from the standpoint of Noise theories, organized in an ever growing reader that can be easily accessed and manipulated by participants, who navigate it and shape it through contributions and discussions. The non-academic free sharing of knowledge builds a fluid community around a topic which becomes filter and metaphor for the understanding of art, art making, art systems, as well as for understanding the socio-political conditions of our world. Noiserr is a parasite, as Michel Serres describes it. Noiserr is a parasitic art practice in the process of being built, while making use of other practices, experiences, traces, as reflecting and discursive points.

Noiserr will discuss Noise theories from an aesthetic perspective as well as a socio-political one, as unfolded, developed, and shaped during its reading and research sessions. Noiserr tries to resist the genreification of the word "noise" while building an un-constituted and cybernetic practice showing how the investigation of the Noise topic managed to condensate/connect people and thoughts, opening portals among compartmented sciences and practices, and infiltrating institutional and non-institutional environments.